Reporting a Pit Inventory

pkitto 8 years ago in Mining updated by Philip van vuuren 6 years ago 6
I had occasion recently to produce pit inventory reports in both Micromine and Datamine. Using the 'Wireframe Assign' and 'Modelling Reporting' in 64 bit Micromine on a1.6Gb model with approx. 8M records in took 2 hours. Using Datamine Studio3 (32 bit) and the Trival command on the same model, etc. in took 2.5 days. Fair bit of difference I would say! That's why I am almost inclusively using Micromine these days. Cheers Peter
could you give some screenshots?
Send me an e-mail address and I can forward some screen captures and parameter sets to you!
pete.kitto@bigpond.com Cheers Peter
Sorry I misplaced your E-mail address, I have a document to forward on to you about reporting. Cheers Peter

I sent an e mail 3 week ago, maybe fell in spam box.


Hi did you already experienced to use MM in mining production , evaluated mining block , generated Grade control Block models? I am looking to know if MM is strong than Datamine in mining production

Hi Yes I have had lots of experience using MM in the production environment. I have used it in Gold (Open Pit), Manganese (Open Pit and Underground), Copper (Underground), Coal (Open Pit and Underground). I do not like to compare software packages as each have their strong and weak points. What is important is to understand these and how to use the software properly.