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Exporting Scene to Virtual Reality Files and 3D pdf

Geoff Elson 9 years ago in Vizex updated 8 years ago 3
Are others having luck with this feature, if so what is your work flow? I am exporting to .WRL then importing to a free program call MeshLab then exporting to .u3d and inserting to in a pfd document.
I can get the view to show up but I am having difficulties getting it centered. The document appears to be blank but the scene is just not centered. Obviously a MeshLab quirk, but the process seems too difficult.
I am jealous of my colleagues using Vulcan who just export to pdf and their clients or bosses can see their work in 3D.
Asking the recipients to download a program to view the .WRL or .x3d is just not workable, everyone has Adobe and it seems logical to go from vizex directly to the end product.

Under review
Hi Geoff, being able to export directly to 3D PDF is definitely on our development list and we have been actively reviewing the various ways to do so. It won't be part of Micromine 2014 but it will definitely not be forgotten either. Please stay tuned for more updates on this.

Meanwhile we have obtained good results by exporting the Vizex scene to AutoCAD and then using the free Bentley View application to convert it directly to a 3D PDF.

Exporting to VRML formats isn't really the best way to go as this format doesn't understand things like line thicknesses and will ignore any text in the view.

And, yes, we do know exporting to AutoCAD is a workaround. But at least it's only temporary. :)

I followed this advice and got good result. Here I uploaded an example video. IP dtaa converted into 3D block model and 3D PDF.
Tsogkhuu, Looks great. I also downloaded Bentley View and it has been a revolution for me. It's hands down the best way to communication your spatial data.