recognizing field names

Peter Ronning 7 years ago in General updated by Евгения (Moderator (RUS)) 7 years ago 1

Micromine is usually quite good at recognizing field names and guessing at the correct field names when filling in forms, such as for example the drill hole validation form. It will identify the hole ID, east, north and z fields, and other required fields, provided it has been given the right patterns to look for.

I have noticed, however, that while this works very well when working with tables that are in .dat files, it doesn't seem to work at all if the tables are linked from Access, as .mdl tables. A .dat table and a .mdl table can contain exactly the same field names, but MicroMine will only recognize the field names in the .dat file. For the fields in the .mdl file, I always have to fill in the field names by hand.

Unless there's some catch imposed by the way the links work, this seems like an unnecessary limitation on the .mdl tables.

I would like to add that you can set up any auto filling for your data in Tools - Options - Form Sets - Defaults and save this setting as form. Recently you use Default, "|" means priority order for the fields. Mdl tables are not like DAT files - they are like link files, that is why I guess the behaviour is not the same as the original MM format.