Announcing the release of Micromine 2016 Update 1

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We are pleased to announce the release of Micromine 2016 Update 1, also known as Micromine 2016.1. This release is a minor update to the Micromine 2016 family, with a focus on usability and workflow in large and complex multi-user projects.

Installing the update

Run the installer as normal. It will automatically uninstall any existing Beta builds, along with your existing 2016.0 installation.

To download the update, request a link from our website at:

Using Micromine 2016.0?

If you need to temporarily revert to Micromine 2016.0, just reinstall it; you don’t need to uninstall Micromine 2016.1. However, the old version will be automatically uninstalled the next time you update Micromine 2016.1.

Micromine 2016.0 and 2016.1 share the same form set database, so you can freely exchange form sets between them. Please do be aware that some new features may not be compatible with the old version, for example the additional expressions in Micromine 2016.1.

Your feedback

Many of the items in this list were requested by users like you, and your feedback is vital to the ongoing development of Micromine. Please tell us about your experiences with Micromine 2016.1, both good and bad; send us a smile or a frown from the Micromine menu bar, create a new topic on our forum, or contact your local support office.

What’s in this release?

Micromine 2016.1 offers many new features, including:


  • New support for texture-mapped triangulated 3D models (including Adam Technology RAW, Stanford PLY, Wavefront OBJ, and Autodesk FBX)
  • New Drillhole Imaging Vizex layer to display cylindrically-wrapped, depth-referenced drillhole imagery such as Televiewer data
  • New support for variable search orientations (dynamic anisotropy) in kriging
  • New Leica GSI file import
  • New secondary clipping window (shadow slicing), with separate colour options for objects in front of or behind the current section plane
  • New Additional Grids feature to add transformed mine grids to Vizex and the Plot Editor, with built-in expression support for advanced labelling
  • New ability to define clipping extents for additional grids in the Plot Editor
  • New text search on Display Pane Layers
  • New Collapse All option for groups in the Display Pane
  • New Highlight Layer in the Vizex context menu (Selection | Highlight Layer) to select the layer and make it visible in the Display pane
  • New Invert Selection in the Wireframe and Form set Managers
  • New expressions support for creating wireframe sets
  • New Wireframe | Manage | Attributes for creating and managing user attributes, with mixed-case names
  • New Display Selected option in the Wireframe Manager displays multiple selected wireframes in one operation
  • New macro support for Drillhole Log
  • New Create Wireframe Set option in the Wireframe Manager creates a wireframe set directly from selected wireframes
  • New ability to edit colours from the Properties window for layers using RGB colour fields
  • New Measure Tool option to display the projected angle in the Properties window
  • New option in Mining | Underground | Interactive Generate Profile Shape to add a profile perpendicular to the selected string


  • Improved loading of read-only projects and files
  • Improved Vizex edit lock selection and behaviour
  • Improved concurrent file access; other users are now granted read-only access instead of being locked out of the file
  • Removed unnecessary default form set updates, minimising conflicts with near-real-time file syncing software
  • In expressions, added implicit conversion of Boolean {TRUE} and {FALSE} to 1 or 0, as text or number based on the field type, when writing Boolean results to a file
  • Calculate (Expression) now includes equivalents of previous File Editor calculations
  • Load and Import CAD/GIS functions can now select multiple layers using CTRL or SHIFT keys
  • File | Import | Vector now correctly shows layer names for CAD formats
  • Form Set Manager search now includes more versatile search options
  • Support for transferring attributes from a wireframe 2D slice to a string via Selection | Copy to Active Layer. Target fieldnames must already exist
  • Improved performance when changing colour of multiple wireframes in the Wireframe Manager
  • Improved the Wireframe Union operation to be faster and more reliable when processing more than two wireframes
  • Improved connection logic in Auto Build Solid Wireframe
  • Added expressions support to Wireframe | Create from Strings | Centre Line to Solid
  • Sidewall Centreline Offsets function now includes optional roof centreline input and writes height to file
  • Improved Mining | Underground | Create Floor Wireframe
  • Sidewall to Solid: new control over roof and floor elevation; option to output profile strings; improved results for sharp bends
  • Improved Strings | Edit tools | Coalesce to run faster and generate better results with some data sets
  • In ring design, added support for calculating fan azimuth from drive azimuth
  • Improved labelling for hole numbers in ring design
  • Added user control to limit smallest sub-block size in a block model undergoing multiple wireframe/DTM assignments
  • Enhanced Drillhole | Compositing | GKZ to include constant fields, downhole coordinates and thickness field output
  • GKZ Compositing: improved strict and disallow contiguous options
  • Drillhole validation now uses apparent azimuth change to validate downhole survey data, reducing the number of false positives in the report
  • Improved Python support for saving and loading form set folders
  • Added Zoom, Pan and Rotate tools to View | Viewpoint menu so that they can be assigned a shortcut key
  • Restored basic DTM | Volumes Show Triangles view (we will include a more advanced view in a future release)
  • Fixed Visibility | All Visible to work with wireframe sets and groups
  • Fixed Drillhole | Drillhole Log print scaling when using high DPI screen scaling
  • Fixed the grid list Clear button to erase the entire grid, including macro replaceables
  • Fixed File | Merge | Annotation Layer to work from a Macro
  • Fixed File | Export | Block Model > Surpac FBM to generate valid files when exporting many attributes fields
  • Added support for CTRL and SHIFT selections when drag-and-dropping multiple wireframes
  • Improved annotation arrow sizes to conform with CAD standards
  • Fixed a problem with connecting to an MS SQL Server Spatial Database
  • Various internationalisation fixes and improvements

You can see the full list by viewing the Micromine 2016.1 Start Page (via Help | Show Start Page), or read the full detail in the Micromine 2016.1 What’s New document.


Frank Bilki

Technical Product Manager – Micromine
On behalf of the Micromine team