Advanced Grade/Compositing Errors

keith fowlow 8 years ago in General updated 8 years ago 2

Hi Group,

I'm using the Compositing Grade/Advanced tool for making intercepts above a cutoff. I've used this toll before with good results. When I tried it today with new data, I receive errors in the Error Report that says "Cannot get trace for this hole". My data is clean and I have survey data in the right table. Not sure what is going on that I would start getting errors. Any help is appreciated.


Hi Keith,

It's hard to know for sure without seeing your data, but given that it was working but doesn't work with the new data, the first place to look is for really dumb errors.

A classic is to use the wrong drillhole database for the interval file, in which case none of the holes will have a trace. Similarly, look for a filter mistakenly left on etc. etc.

We've made the error reporting for this function more robust in MM 2016, which will make this kind of error easier to identify.

If that's not the cause of your error then we'll have to dig more deeply.


Found it Frank. It was the DB for placing the down hole coordinates in. It wasn't the same as the DB I used for the analysis.

Thanks for your comments.