Section + Plan Plot

Michael Tangwari 8 years ago in Geology updated by Tonh 9 months ago 2
Can someone please help me with the steps to plot my drill sections with the plan view at the top of the page using "Layout Templates\Section+Plan\Section+Plan Top (Portrait)" template.
You need to create a plot file (PEL) on your data in Plan, and then create a plot file (PEL) of the sectional data.

Load the data you wish to see in Plan into vizex. Click on Plot | Generate plot file Name the plot file. You don’t want to open the Plot editor, so make sure Auto load is ticked off and click on OK.

Image 826
Then load the sectional data you want to have in the plot into vizex.

Click on Plot | Generate plot file type in the name the plot file. This time tick on Auto load and select the correct plot template. Click on OK to run the process.

Image 827
This will load the section into the plot editor and leave a place at the top of the plot for the plan.

Simply double click on the 2D plot plan plot and select the plan as the plot file.

Image 828
You can then double click on the various box to edit them set the scales and plot the data.

If you need any more help just let me know.

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