[solved] On Windows 10 Micromine has suddenly become really slow to load and display simple data

Scott P (Moderator (EN)) 7 years ago in Vizex updated 7 years ago 1

Several clients and staff recently complained that after a Windows 10 update Micromine has suddenly become really to visualise any data in Vizex.

It appears that the Nvidia Geforce graphics drivers were updated as part of a Windows 10 update. These drivers appear to be faulty and adversely affect the graphics performance of Vizex on laptops with modern graphics (the 900 series of cards).

The solution is either:

  • roll back the driver to an earlier version
  • download a newer (fixed) driver from the Nvidia website

It has been confirmed the Nvidia Geforce driver version 378.66 (from 14th Feburary 2017) are working OK