Announcing the release of Micromine 2016 Update 1 Beta

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The Micromine product development team is pleased to announce the release of Micromine 2016 Update 1 Beta. (That’s quite a mouthful, so this release is also known as Micromine 2016.1 Beta.)

A minor update like this one is a way to release important new features to customers without waiting for a full development cycle, and as a benefit of your ALF, you are invited to participate in testing this new version.

Very important details

Please read these details carefully before installing Micromine 2016.1.

  • Beta builds will install alongside Micromine 2016.0, and you can safely keep using Micromine 2016 for important production work.

  • The installer will change as we approach the release date. When we reach the technology preview and final release stages, the installer will automatically replace the previous Beta build and your existing 2016.0 installation. We will notify you before we apply this change. If you need to revert to Micromine 2016.0, simply uninstall Micromine 2016.1 and reinstall Micromine 2016.0.
  • Micromine 2016.1 uses the same form set database (FLDVAL file) as Micromine 2016.0, so there is no form set upgrade.


You can download the Beta release from the Micromine Beta FTP site.

Your feedback

Please share your experiences with Micromine 2016.1 Beta, both good and bad. Send us a smile or a frown from the Micromine menu bar, create a new topic on the forum, or contact your local support office. The more we hear from you the better Micromine 2016.1 will be.

What’s new

Micromine 2016 Update 1 introduces many new features, including:

  • Support for texture-mapped triangulated 3D models (including Adam Technology RAW, Stanford PLY, and Autodesk FBX)
  • Drillhole Imaging Vizex layer to display cylindrically-wrapped, depth-referenced drillhole imagery such as Televiewer data
  • Leica GSI file import
  • Enabled multiple layer selection when loading or importing CAD or GIS files
  • Secondary clipping window (shadow slicing), with separate colour options for objects in front of or behind the current section plane
  • Additional Grids feature to add transformed mine grids to Vizex
  • Ability to define clipping extents for additional grids in the Plot Editor
  • Improved form set search
  • Text search on Display Pane Layers
  • Collapse All option for groups in the Display Pane
  • Highlight Layer in the Vizex context menu (Selection | Highlight Layer) to select the layer and make it visible in the Display pane
  • Ability to edit colours from the Properties window for layers using RGB colour fields
  • Measure Tool option to display the projected angle in the Properties window
  • Invert Selection in the Wireframe and Form set Managers
  • Expressions support for creating wireframe sets
  • Wireframe | Manage | Attributes for creating and managing user attributes (in progress)
  • Display Selected option in the Wireframe Manager displays multiple selected wireframes in one operation
  • Create Wireframe Set option in the Wireframe Manager creates a wireframe set directly from selected wireframes
  • Show triangles option in DTM | Volumes
  • Support for simple kriging (in progress)
  • Support for variable anisotropy directions in kriging (in progress)
  • Option in Mining | Underground | Interactive Generate Profile Shape to add a profile perpendicular to the selected string
  • Ring design improvements


Frank Bilki – Technical Product Manager – Micromine