Announcing Micromine 2016 Service Pack 4

fbilki (Moderator / Admin (AUS)) 7 years ago in News 0

We are pleased to announce the release of Micromine 2016 Service Pack 4, which you can obtain from the Micromine download page.

Micromine 2016 Service Pack 4 addresses several issues, including:

  • New ability to edit colours from the Properties window for layers using direct RGB colour fields
  • Added Zoom, Pan and Rotate tools to View | Viewpoint menu so that users can assign a shortcut key to them
  • Added expressions support to Wireframe | Create from Strings | Centre Line to Solid
  • Added expressions support to Stats | Quick Summary
  • Improved Strings | Edit tools | Coalesce to run faster and generate better results with some data sets
  • Improved Wireframe Union operation to be more reliable and faster
  • Fixed Object Visibility | All to work with wireframe sets and groups
  • Improved Window Towards/Away: values can now be edited without changing the current view direction
  • Fixed Plot Editor transform coordinate grids to properly rotate with the parent frame
  • Fixed Drillhole | Drillhole Log print scaling on high DPI screens
  • Fixed clear grid form button to clear the whole grid, including macro replaceables
  • Fixed File | Merge | Annotation Layer to work from a Macro
  • Fixed File | Export | Block Model > Surpac FBM to generate valid files when exporting many attribute fields
  • Fixed the File | Import | Vector layer list for DXF and DWG files
  • Fixed multiple selection of wireframes in drag-and-drop loading to allow SHIFT and CTRL selection shortcuts
  • Fixed File | Field | Split to work correctly when a filter is used
  • Various internationalisation fixes and improvements
  • Numerous stability improvements and bug fixes.

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