Using a Macro to Plot a Suite of Sections

keith fowlow 8 years ago in General updated 8 years ago 2
Hi All,
Has anyone used a macro to plot a suite of sections? I am in the middle of making a suite of about 14 sections at 200' apart. I have them plotting to a PDF OK. The only issue I am finding is that I cannot figure out how to get the plan on the section to reflect the section location. Do I need to open a Vizex window of the plan for it to work? It works OK in the PEX file. But when I run the macro, I don't get a plan map on top of the section.
Any help is appreciated.
Here are some screen shots of my forms and where all the replaceable parameters go: 2, 3 & 7 - 11 are all used in the title block. A few versions back, the plan and north arrow did not respond properly when the check boxes for using a reference plot were checked. Are you using the newest version?

Main 2D Plot:

Plan map 2D Plot:

Hi All,
Thanks for all the help. I did a lot of testing and found out that if I didn't change the plan plot file from one to the another, it wouldn't make the changes I made in the plan map PEL. I also added more stuff to the plan map PEL and seemed to wake it up. I am good now and thanks again for all the comments and help in such a quick manner.