password protect "forms" and "macro"

Bonar Harahap 7 years ago in Scripting updated by dbartlett 7 years ago 3

Hi,I work in Micromine network environment, using MM2011. Is there a way to password protected both forms and Macros so nobody is able to edit them?.

Hi Bonar, Apa Kakar, its been a while. Use a personal formset, you can then assign network security settings to protect them.

Baik2 saja pak Keith. The personal forms set does not work, the other user could not run the Micromine, error message below. I want them to be able to run the form but cannot change it.

Good day

If you use Micromine 2016, you have an option to lock form sets. This allows you to lock a form set and give a reason for locking it, although other users can unlocked the form set, it is less likely for a form set to be overwritten accidentally. In Micromine 2016 we now use sql lite for our databases, so if you create a global form sest and place that on the network you can get you IT to give yourself, read and write access and other users just read access.