crashes and errors exporting block model to Excel?

Peter Ronning 7 years ago in General updated by Erik Scheel 7 years ago 3

I have a block model in the form of a dat file, containing about 670,000 records with 56 fields. I did not create the file; I received it as part of a data package.

The file works OK in MicroMine. I tried to export it to Excel. The first time around, it took about an hour and then MicroMine crashed. No Excel file was created.

On the second try, I unchecked some of the options in the export form, such as including meta-data and opening the Excel file on completion. This time it took only about ten minutes, MicroMine did not crash, and an Excel file was created. The xlsx file is about 1.2 MB. Excel cannot open it. The message I get from Excel is "We found a problem with some content ...". If I let Excel try to open the file anyway, it opens an empty file and gives me the message "Replaced Part: /xl/worksheets/sheet1.xml part with XML error. Unexpected end of input. Line 1, column 12258208.

Is this a known problem?

My setup is:

Win 10

16 mb RAM

560 MB free drive space

Micromine 16.0

Are you using 32-bit or 64-bit Micromine? Which Service Pack are you running? 64-bit Micromine lets you use your full RAM capacity and SP3 might have fixed a bug, although this is the first I've heard of this particular issue.

How large is the DAT file in MB? I have a block model file with 410k rows x 24 columns that is 57MB, so I can imagine a model as vast as yours would be about 200-300MB. The reason I ask is because you don't have much free hard drive space, which may be contributing to your problem. You may also want to defragment your hard drive.

The XLSX version of the above model is 26MB and easily opened. Not having metadata checked does nothing to the file size as choosing this option simply adds a short header to the top of the Excel file.

If you still can't figure out your problem, please contact me at mmsupport_nam@micromine.com


Sorry Erik, I mis-stated the free drive space in my original post. It's 560 GB, not MB. That should be plenty, I'm sure.

The dat file is 192 MB.

I have SP3. I use 32 bit Micromine. I could use 64 bit, but then that creates issues with Microsoft Office, particularly Access.

I by-passed the problem by exporting to a csv file and then loading the csv into Excel.

No worries. Glad you sorted that out.

As long as you use 32-bit MM to create and refresh your Access DB links (your version of Access and MM needs to be the same in order to create and refresh link files) and the DHDB, you can safely use 64-bit MM for everything else.