Please update add points functionality

Rupert (Moderator (EN)) 8 years ago in Vizex updated 8 years ago 4

I have spent many years creating wireframes using strings. I now use points much more for several reasons. Unfortunately the add points functionality doesn’t seem to be as slick as the create strings process.

My major gripe is the fact that when using the snap mode to add new points to a point file the mouse cursor doesn’t always plot in the correct place. Once the point is added the point does plot in the correct place. This makes it tricky to snap points to drill holes and I often have to move the point once it is created. I guess the problem has to do with the number of decimals used when displaying the location of the point before it is added. My colleague suffers the same problem so I assume this is a problem everyone faces. This problem does not occur when creating strings. Could you fix this please?

If this request is tricky a possible (temporary?) work around wound be to add a blank line type on the Display Options tab of the String Vizex form. That way I could just use a string file but display it in Vizex as a point file. (Although then I’d probably ask for more options to control the size of the points in the string file!)

A minor issue is that the copy/move string function doesn’t work for points. I love the fact that I can use the ‘d’ shortcut key to copy/move strings around. Could you add this functionality to points as well? If the point file is the Active Layer in the Vizex window or point/s are selected it would be handy if Micromine assumed that ‘d’ would bring up a copy/move points form.

Good day Rupert

I will log the fact that point do not appear to snap correctly, as they do with strings as an issue and get that fixed.

Regarding the copy move string function, yes that only works for string, however we have a similar function for points, Copy move points.
It would be useful to know the reason you prefer using points. Also once you have points how do you go about creating a wireframe from these points?


Hi David,
It's the short-cut keys that would be really handy. I forgot to mention that 'n' also starts a new string but this doesn't work for points. That would be really useful!

I have written a few functions in Python that use Scipy's RBF function to interpolate surfaces. It basically creates a .DAT file containing the grid of interpolated points and then I use Micromine's create DTM function (using Python) to triangulate the surface. I haven't managed to get it working for fully 3d interpolation but if I need a solid I tend to make two surfaces and the use the surface to solid function. It does create beautiful wireframes and the workflow is great as I can just add a point or two and then re-run the script and it all updates automatically in Vizex. It works well for tabular bodies and surfaces but I still use the 'traditional' string method in some cases.
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Hi Rupert,

You will happy to know that we have fixed the bug with the point snapping hint drawing - this snap hint will now draw in the correct spot (as you point out, this has no bearing on the actual point snap accuracy, it was just the point snap hint drawing code that had not been upgraded properly). This fix will be included in MM2014 SP5, which is due for release very soon.

We also have taken your suggestions to make the D and N vizex shortcuts more contextual so they can understand when you are point editing. We are trialling these changes in our development builds at the moment and we hope they will be included in our MM2016 release.

Hi Scott,
That's good news! Thanks for the improvements.
I realised I didn't really answer David's question regarding why I use points more now. Strings are fine if you're working in sectional view but points can be added on the fly in 3d view without necessarily having a string set up for that section. I might send you guys a video by email of my wireframing process to show exactly what I mean (when I get a bit of time to work out how to video my screen).
Thanks again