Drillhole display, interactive

Martin Hirsch 7 years ago in Geology updated 7 years ago 2

Is there a way to interactively select drillholes in Drillhole Log (Quick log, via drillhole list per file) that in VIZEX's, plan view the respective colar is highlighted?

Hello Martin,

From your description it looks like you are using Micromine 2014 to display your drillhole log. Unfortunately, there are no tools in MM 2014 that allow you to interactively select a hole in Vizex from the log window.

In Micromine 2016, which we released in May, we created a number of new drillhole tools, including a Quick Find Drillholes option that instantly highlights the hole whose name you enter. If the hole falls outside the current Vizex window, Micromine automatically re-centres it for you. Quick Find works with wildcards too, so you can find multiple holes in one action.

We also created a brand new Drillhole Log that combines many of the features of Vizex and the Plot Editor to produce a genuinely interactive log display. This feature is still undergoing more work, and we intend to add Selection Syncing (which is available in most of MM 2014's charts) in the near future. This would mean you could display a hole in the Drillhole Log and instantly see that hole highlighted in Vizex.



Thank you Frank