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Editing Offset points in IM modelling

ronald reid 9 years ago in Resource Estimation updated by reso kamberaj 9 years ago 5
Is there a way I can adjust the off-surface points when modelling?
For example I have a simple shape - digitised in section that I want to use to create a IM mesh...
Image 729

The mesh needs to basically follow this pattern with positive inside and negative outside...
Image 730

When I build the model using point cloud the off-set point file shows that the positive and negative sides of the polyline as calculated by the neighbourhoods...
Image 731

It seems that multiple runs by changing the number of the neighbours and points might swap the positive and negative points around a bit - but they are always normal to the digitised section. Which always gives me a version of this...
Image 732
I need the normals to be aligned vertically in line with the section - not normal to the section. Using a bit of digitising, copying and resizing of strings I have created a normals(ish) point file of the sort I am after...

Image 733

Which I can then model using the attributes method to create the mesh I am after...
Image 734
Can I do this without having to go through the pain of generating several sets of polylines that I have to manually offset?
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Good day Ron

This is a bit of a work around, but if you close the Polygons as seen below.

And then use the Modelling | Implicit  Modelling | Polygon, Micromine with then know where the inside and outside is and it will create the fold correctly.

If it is not entirely correct, you could use the output points, edit then and use the attribute modeller to get a better result.

Please let me know if you have any problems using this approach. 
Thanks David

You process works fine however perhaps I should of used a more complex example :-)

If I tried this on my folded bedding outlines (real ones rather than a simple example for a query) I get something like this;

Rather than something like this (used an edited point file and attribute modeller as you mentioned above);

Again a simplistic model but closer to what I am trying to model (folded plunging stratigraphy in a mountainous terrain). Due to the lines of the "closure" crossing the fold surface the RBF swaps inside and outside at the intersection. I was just hoping there might be a way of adding a forced polarity to the strings to ensure they are modelled correctly. If not then maybe Yan might be able to work out a way...perhaps?

While manually putting all the offset points on the correct side works it does take a while which sort of defeats the "rapid" workflow IM provides. Ordinarily I would use the Fault modelling method to model a few structural measurements and a surface trace digitised onto the topography (which sometimes does work well) but the overturned nature of the folding causes some issues due to the inability to add a polarity to the structural data - if I could incorporate a positive and negative side into the structural points I could tell the IM that this point is actually "upside down".
Good day Ron

Following on from our previous conversation the programmers have looked into polygon implicit (Modelling | Implicit modelling | Polygon) modelling and made some improvements.
In the next major release of Micromine, you will be able to create models not only from closed strings (polygon), but also from open string and point.
So if we had strings similar to the strings you suggested in your previous post, we would be able to create a surface from these strings.

However we will also be able to create a solid from closed strings.

We can even have a combination of both open and closed strings (polygons) and create a model


  Even if we added a point to your original scenario it would honour that point as seen below.

Once we have a beta version of out next major release, I will ensure we make it available to you for further testing.


Thanks David, looks like a great improvement. 
Thanks David
i think this enhancement  will improve IM   integrating what IM can do plus intervention of geologists 
Great job
Regards Reso