Announcing Micromine 2016 Service Pack 3

fbilki (Moderator / Admin (AUS)) 7 years ago in News updated 7 years ago 2

We are pleased to announce the release of Micromine 2016 Service Pack 3, which you can obtain from the Micromine download page.


Micromine 2016 Service Pack 3 contains bug fixes for improved functionality and stability, some highlights of which are:
  • Fixed a crash when selecting a new kriging form after first running the function
  • Fixed macro replaceables not working in form grid lists
  • Restored support for wildcards in FDELETE macro function
  • Fixed a crash when copying data from a DXF file into the Vizex active layer
  • Fixed DTM Assign occasionally leaving out some blocks under some circumstances
  • Fixed Wireframe Assign to work faster and more reliably when input is a wireframe set
  • Fixed an issue where macro processes that create wireframes are blocked by the Overwrite Yes/No dialog
  • Fixed block model display where blocks assigned the NULL colour from a colour set are still visible
  • Fixed incorrect colouring of drillhole traces using collar file with filter applied
  • Restored Multi Bands option to Vizex Image
  • Fixed Block Model Assign to ensure all blocks are processed
  • Fixed a potential crash after making a large number of modifications to a DATA file
  • Restored the missing Maximise button on floating Vizex windows
  • Improved Vulcan block model importer to correctly handle short integer fields
  • Improved: On multiple-monitor displays, keep resizable dialogs on the same monitor as the main Micromine window
  • Numerous stability improvements and bug fixes.

Please tell us what you think

It's great to see so many people sending us feedback via the smile/frown icons on the Micromine 2016 toolbar. Please keep it up; your feedback is essential for the ongoing development of Micromine!

Здравствуйте, Вы наверное имели ввиду сервисный пакет 4, а не 3 ?

No, it wasn't me. I think it was released after being stuck in "awaiting moderation" since I originally wrote it back in August.

I'll be releasing the SP 4 notification later today.

Apologies for the confusion.