Micromine Nexus 1.2.0 is released!

Евгения (Moderator / Admin (RUS)) 3 months ago updated 3 months ago 0

We are pleased to announce that Micromine Nexus 1.2.0 has already been released!

We added variaty of new options and improved exisitng ones:

  • Guest role - invite external users to your Tenant with a limited permissions for a limited period of time!
  • Share link option - share files with non-users providing them a link to download them from Nexus
  • Manage permissions in one window per user - more convinient way for access control
  • Bulk upload and download options - upload batch of files of one type in faster way
  • Create project/folder on the fly - if don`t have directory folder you can create it during upload/copy/move and attach project processes
  • Edit your image before using it as Icon or Avatar
  • Grid view is added for File browser
  • Text Search is added to all functionality with the list of multiple users, file types and attributes, workspaces and projects
  • Task page can be opened from Gantt chart to view all task details and add the comments to the tasks\
  • Search tasks using Search functionality with filters
  • Replicate tasks if task is repeated  
  • Sync multiple files from MMO&B project to Nexus project, update and upload in one applet
  • MMO&B Wireframe layer support - upload Wireframe layer fron right-click menu to Nexus
  • Many other updates

You are welcome to New Micromine Nexus!

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Micromine Nexus team