Request permission functionality

Евгения (Moderator / Admin (RUS)) 5 months ago updated 5 months ago 0

If you are not Administrator and don`t have permission to Workspace, Project of File, you can request it. 

This is the list of Workspaces in the Tenant, the ones with lock are not available, because user doesn`t have permissions on them. 

Image 3725

User can click on Request permission button and select which Permission he would like to request from Administrator.

Image 3726

User can request permissions in Advanced mode and select not only himself, but also the group of people 

Image 3727

Then he clicks Request to send the permission request

Image 3721

Administrator receives the letter with User request from

Image 3722

Clicking Open Nexus he gets such window, where he can Approve or Decline the request for permission from User.

Image 3728