How to upload updated block model to Nexus from Micromine O&B project directly

  1. Be sure you have linked your Micromine O&B project with Nexus projectImage 3312
  2. Right-click on block model layer uploaded in VizexImage 3313
  3. Upload form will appear with all the attributes inputs, you have set up to the block model file type and the Destination input. Click on the file name in New files section and input the attributes in Info right side panel.Image 3314

Select the Destination path in the input under File name

Image 3315

Click Upload files button

Image 3317

4. The status will appear new the Block model Vizex layer. “File is up to date” means that the file version in MMOB project and in Nexus project is the similar.

Image 3318

Let`s edit block model file, I will change the value in some block model cells. And save the changes in the file.

Image 3319

The status near the block model Vizex layer will change.

Image 3320

I can upload new version of block model file or restore the version from Nexus project.

Using right-click menu, select Revert files

Image 3321

The version uploaded to Nexus is restored, the file status was changed and now it is “Up to date” again

Image 3322