How to Connect Micromine O&B Project and Micromine Nexus project

Micromine Origin & Beyond integration with Micromine Nexus requires a connection to the Nexus server. Request an account from your Nexus administrator, who will provide you with the credentials you need to sign-in.

If you are already connected and want to re-connect, you will need to disconnect first. See: "Disconnect" on page 10

To connect to Nexus:

1. Click the Project tab to open the backstage menu.

2. On the backstage menu, select Nexus.


1. On the File tab, in the Nexus group , select Connect.

2. You will be redirected to the Nexus backstage menu.

Image 3298

3. On the Nexus Backstage Menu, enter the Server URL of the server you want to connect to and click Connect:

Image 3299

4. You will be prompted to Sign-in.

Image 3300


When you connect to Nexus, you will be prompted to select a Nexus project to link to:

Image 3301

Click Start.

5. If you have a single workspace you will be prompted to select a project in that workspace. Go to Step 6.

If your subscription plan supports multiple workspaces, you will be prompted to select a Nexus workspace and then click Continue:

Image 3302

6. Select a Nexus project and click Link to link your Micromine project to the Nexus project:

Image 3303

After successfully linking to a Nexus project, the connection parameters you have specified and a "Ready" status icon are shown on the application status bar:

We may want to know which workspace we are in?

Image 3304

7. Use the options on the File tab, in the Nexus group, to manage your connection to the linked Nexus project.

Alternatively, click the Project tab to open the Nexus Backstage Menu.

Select Options to configure system-wide Nexus options.

Image 3305