How to begin working in Micromine Nexus?

Евгения (Moderator / Admin (RUS)) 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 0

Before the start, please, check your e-mail. You will receive 2 messages from nexus@micromine.com containing the link to your personal Tenant and the link to password setting.

First e-mail contains license number, tier name and admin e-mail, link to the documentation. The language in the e-mail will depend on your Tenant location. 

Image 3285

The second message contains the link to the page to create the password for this account. The language in the e-mail will depend on the location of your Tenant. 

Image 3286

Go to the link in the second message, input your e-mail and click “Send verification code”

Image 3287

Please check your e-mail, verification code should be sent in such view.

Image 3288

You can copy 6 numbers code from e-mail and paste it to the current Micromine Nexus page.

Image 3289

After this you need to click “Verify code” button.

Image 3290

Click “Continue” to continue.

Image 3291

Next step you need to input password twice, which you will use to enter your tenant. Click “Continue”.

Image 3292

Log in using your e-mail and password.

Image 3293

Create first Workspace to enter the application first time. Input the name of Workspace. You can also Skip it and create later, but Remember that all the functionality is presented inside Workspace entity. 

Image 3294