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How to upload updated block model to Nexus from Micromine O&B project directly

  1. Be sure you have linked your Micromine O&B project with Nexus projectImage 3312
  2. Right-click on block model layer uploaded in VizexImage 3313
  3. Upload form will appear with all the attributes inputs, you have set up to the block model file type and the Destination input. Click on the file name in New files section and input the attributes in Info right side panel.Image 3314

Select the Destination path in the input under File name

Image 3315

Click Upload files button

Image 3317

4. The status will appear new the Block model Vizex layer. “File is up to date” means that the file version in MMOB project and in Nexus project is the similar.

Image 3318

Let`s edit block model file, I will change the value in some block model cells. And save the changes in the file.

Image 3319

The status near the block model Vizex layer will change.

Image 3320

I can upload new version of block model file or restore the version from Nexus project.

Using right-click menu, select Revert files

Image 3321

The version uploaded to Nexus is restored, the file status was changed and now it is “Up to date” again

Image 3322


How to Connect Micromine O&B Project and Micromine Nexus project

Micromine Origin & Beyond integration with Micromine Nexus requires a connection to the Nexus server. Request an account from your Nexus administrator, who will provide you with the credentials you need to sign-in.

If you are already connected and want to re-connect, you will need to disconnect first. See: "Disconnect" on page 10

To connect to Nexus:

1. Click the Project tab to open the backstage menu.

2. On the backstage menu, select Nexus.


1. On the File tab, in the Nexus group , select Connect.

2. You will be redirected to the Nexus backstage menu.

Image 3298

3. On the Nexus Backstage Menu, enter the Server URL of the server you want to connect to and click Connect:

Image 3299

4. You will be prompted to Sign-in.

Image 3300


When you connect to Nexus, you will be prompted to select a Nexus project to link to:

Image 3301

Click Start.

5. If you have a single workspace you will be prompted to select a project in that workspace. Go to Step 6.

If your subscription plan supports multiple workspaces, you will be prompted to select a Nexus workspace and then click Continue:

Image 3302

6. Select a Nexus project and click Link to link your Micromine project to the Nexus project:

Image 3303

After successfully linking to a Nexus project, the connection parameters you have specified and a "Ready" status icon are shown on the application status bar:

We may want to know which workspace we are in?

Image 3304

7. Use the options on the File tab, in the Nexus group, to manage your connection to the linked Nexus project.

Alternatively, click the Project tab to open the Nexus Backstage Menu.

Select Options to configure system-wide Nexus options.

Image 3305


How to begin working in Micromine Nexus?

Евгения (Moderator / Admin (RUS)) 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 0

Before the start, please, check your e-mail. You will receive 2 messages from nexus@micromine.com containing the link to your personal Tenant and the link to password setting.

First e-mail contains license number, tier name and admin e-mail, link to the documentation. The language in the e-mail will depend on your Tenant location. 

Image 3285

The second message contains the link to the page to create the password for this account. The language in the e-mail will depend on the location of your Tenant. 

Image 3286

Go to the link in the second message, input your e-mail and click “Send verification code”

Image 3287

Please check your e-mail, verification code should be sent in such view.

Image 3288

You can copy 6 numbers code from e-mail and paste it to the current Micromine Nexus page.

Image 3289

After this you need to click “Verify code” button.

Image 3290

Click “Continue” to continue.

Image 3291

Next step you need to input password twice, which you will use to enter your tenant. Click “Continue”.

Image 3292

Log in using your e-mail and password.

Image 3293

Create first Workspace to enter the application first time. Input the name of Workspace. You can also Skip it and create later, but Remember that all the functionality is presented inside Workspace entity. 

Image 3294


Request permission functionality

Евгения (Moderator / Admin (RUS)) 5 months ago updated 5 months ago 0

If you are not Administrator and don`t have permission to Workspace, Project of File, you can request it. 

This is the list of Workspaces in the Tenant, the ones with lock are not available, because user doesn`t have permissions on them. 

Image 3725

User can click on Request permission button and select which Permission he would like to request from Administrator.

Image 3726

User can request permissions in Advanced mode and select not only himself, but also the group of people 

Image 3727

Then he clicks Request to send the permission request

Image 3721

Administrator receives the letter with User request from

Image 3722

Clicking Open Nexus he gets such window, where he can Approve or Decline the request for permission from User.

Image 3728


Micromine Nexus 1.2.0 is released!

Евгения (Moderator / Admin (RUS)) 3 months ago updated 3 months ago 0

We are pleased to announce that Micromine Nexus 1.2.0 has already been released!

We added variaty of new options and improved exisitng ones:

  • Guest role - invite external users to your Tenant with a limited permissions for a limited period of time!
  • Share link option - share files with non-users providing them a link to download them from Nexus
  • Manage permissions in one window per user - more convinient way for access control
  • Bulk upload and download options - upload batch of files of one type in faster way
  • Create project/folder on the fly - if don`t have directory folder you can create it during upload/copy/move and attach project processes
  • Edit your image before using it as Icon or Avatar
  • Grid view is added for File browser
  • Text Search is added to all functionality with the list of multiple users, file types and attributes, workspaces and projects
  • Task page can be opened from Gantt chart to view all task details and add the comments to the tasks\
  • Search tasks using Search functionality with filters
  • Replicate tasks if task is repeated  
  • Sync multiple files from MMO&B project to Nexus project, update and upload in one applet
  • MMO&B Wireframe layer support - upload Wireframe layer fron right-click menu to Nexus
  • Many other updates

You are welcome to New Micromine Nexus!

Image 3829


Micromine Nexus team


Выход 3 сервисного пакета обновлений к Micromine Origin & Beyond 22

Евгения (Moderator / Admin (RUS)) 11 months ago updated 11 months ago 0

Мы рады сообщить о выходе 3 сервисного пакета обновлений к MMO&B 22. Сервисный пакет содержит в себе множество доработок и исправлений. 

  • Улучшено поведение инструмента геосвязи при привязке растров
  • Планирование / Экспорт / Экспорт задач теперь доступно в скриптинге
  • Улучшен установщик, и он теперь включает в себя драйвера для донглов Marx
  • Улучшена работа Оптимизатора карьера - Анализ при анализе худшего сценария
  • Исправлена ошибка, приводящая к вылету программу, при создании или открытии файла чертежа
  • Исправлены недочеты режима темной темы Windows 10
  • Исправленные различные ошибки в файлах вывода различных функций, связанные с записью кириллических знаков в форматы Юникода
  • Исправлено присвоение атрибутов в выходные каркасы в функции Каркас / Плоскость пласта по точкам
  • Исправлена проблема присвоения значений для пользовательских атрибутов в Стратиграфическое моделирование / Блочная модель пласта / Создать горизонты/солиды
  • Исправлена работа фильтра в графике Swath
  • Исправлена работа команды CALLMAC в макросе
  • Исправлена некорректность работы строки состояния
  • Исправлена функция Контроль содержаний при работе с трехмерными точками на вводе
  • Исправлена проблема, возникающая в функции Композиты по интервалам при работе с некорректными данными ввода
  • Исправлена некорректность работы фильтра в Редакторе файла
  • Исправлен вылет программы, возникающий при обновлении базы данных скважин при загруженном слое траекторий скважин

Сервис пак появится в ближайшее время на странице Загрузка на нашем сайте: