MICROMINE Blog - Scanning and Vectorising Old Mine Drawings and Maps - Complete 4 part series

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The latest MICROMINE blog, 'Scanning and Vectorising Old Mine Drawings and Maps' includes 2 additional takeaway PDF guides - The "Image Enhancement Cookbook" and "Creating 3D data from 2D linework", as well as the wealth of information you will find in the 4 part series.

Written by in-house Geologist and Micromine technical product manager, Frank Bilki, this complete 4 part series covers everything you need to know about converting old mine maps and drawings into a usable format for modern exploration and mining software!

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Scanning and Vectorising Old Mine Drawings and Maps:
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Brilliant piece of documentation, great to see somebody taking the time to document this work

Geobase has undertaken many of these jobs over the years. In fact we have recently been awarded a contract to create a comprehensive model of a historically significant large narrow vein Gold Mine. This work will include the extraction and incorporation of a significant amount of production data from historical records.

Micromine is certainly our choice of 3D modelling software to undertake this work.


Hi Col,

Great to hear from you, and thanks for the feedback. It's very much appreciated.

While I was writing this blog I did worry that it might not be relevant in today's digital world. However, since then we've received several inquiries from various corners of the world, and as you've also proven, people are still digitising historically significant mines. So I'm very relieved to discover that it's still relevant.

If you've got any suggestions or anecdotes from previous work, please feel free to share them here. :)