Release of Geobank 2013 and Micromine 2013

Daria Lvova 10 years ago 0

We are pleased to announce the release of Micromine 2013 and Geobank 2013.For detailed release information, please download the MICROMINE Launch Newsletter here.

To download the Micromine 2013 release, please click here

Micromine 2013

Consistent with previous Micromine releases, the new features in Micromine 2013 focus on intuitive usability with enhanced workflow methodologies, and logical processes. Productivity gains continue to be an area of focus through faster processing speeds, flexible import and export functions and compatibility with third-party applications. 

Some highlights include:

·  New Implicit Modelling Module

·  New Stratigraphic Modelling module incorporating seam block models and Seam Correlation Vizex display

·  New rotated block models, with many related block model performance enhancements

·  New Python Scripting

·  New form set manager along with many other form set enhancements

For further information about Micromine 2013 and Geobank 2013…

For further information about the features and benefits of Micromine 2013 and Geobank 2013, please download the MICROMINE Launch Newsletter. Alternatively, please visit the MICROMINE launch website.

We will soon announce the complimentary new version upgrade training for our Annual Licence clients.

On a final note, as an active Annual Licence Member, you have a unique opportunity to ‘have a say’ in the ongoing development of Micromine. We welcome your input, your feedback and your participation. Feel free to contact us at