How does the Block Size Factor option work during estimation?

stuart masters 1 year ago in Forum 0

Hi all,

I note that MM offers a "Block Size Factor" option during estimation.  

Regarding this, the on-line helps states:

"The block size factor allows a user-defined block size to be used for the interpolation of the grades to the block model. If specified, the block factor will be a (2, 3, 4, etc.) multiple of the parent block size."

So, if I chose a value of two and have parent blocks of 15x15x5m, I assume it estimates the blocks as if they were 30x30x10m blocks, albeit centered on the 15x15x5m blocks.

So, should I be using search neighbourhood and discretisation parameters based on a QKNA assuming 30x30x10m blocks?

Or is MM just estimating 15x15x5m blocks and then averaging the values, in which case the QKNA should assume 15x15x5m blocks?