Creating a Block Model

Michael Tangwari 1 year ago in Forum updated 1 year ago 9

Hello can someone please help me. I am trying to build a block model from a dat file and this is what micromine 2018 is giving me. Please help. 

I have changed the field name to include _ and is still not building my BM.

Image 3714

Hi Michael, you should have 6 fields X, Y, Z, _X, _Y and _Z. The X, Y, Z fields are your block centroids and the _X, _Y, _Z, fields are your block size fields. Do you have all 6?


Hi Ron,

I have eastings, northings, RL as X, Y, Z respectively and my block size are labeled as size_x, size_y, size_y.

dimension and coordinates should have the same names - if you use X, Y, Z for coordinates, you should use _X, _Y, _Z for sizes, if you use EAST, NORTH, RL, then you use _EAST, _NORTH, _RL for dimensions

Thank you very much, that is very helpful, I got it now. But its huge and slowing down my PC. 

Michael, If you do not need the whole model, you can delete all the unused data - if it is a gold deposit, delete the blocks where there is no estimate, ie au < 0 where the default is -99 or where the estimation domain is null. This allows you to run queries, GT reports etc but it will not include waste volumes. On some very big models (>3Gb) I might reblock the model to the parent block size (if there are sub-blocks) or reblock to a larger block size (if there are no subblocks) and accept and note the dilution this causes (more tonnes at a lower grade), of course, this all depends on what you need the model for!

thanks i am filtering out the NULL now 

Hi Michael this is your block size (5x5x0.5m) your _x needs to be the same as your easting field ie if your easting field has east your _x needs to be _east . Hope that makes sense 

Hi Stephen, please see screenshots I responded to Ron. 

Hi, could you check if block center coordinate fields have corresponding names - X, Y, Z?